The following website links contain helpful information and pictures. Just click on the links below to go to the website page that is described.

Links from the American Dental Association

DryMouth.Info provides information about:

(1) What Causes Dry Mouth,

(2) What happens when your mouth feels dry,

(3) How you diagnose dry mouth conditions and

(4) What are some treatments for drymouth.

Inflammation & Medical Consequences 
This link contains recent research concerning inflammation and its connection to other medical consequences. It defines periodontal inflammation and explains its effects on the body.

Links from The American Academy of Periodontology :

Periodontal Disease 
This link contains an article that covers the types and causes of periodontal disease. It includes illustrations and possible treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions
This link contains “œFrequently Asked Questions”covering general periodontal questions, periodontal procedures, and how periodontal disease affects general health.

Possible Medical Complications
This link covers how periodontal disease can adversely affect your general health.

Women & Periodontal Disease
This link contains information to help women avoid periodontal (gum) disease and protect their oral health.

Periodontal Procedures 
This link describes periodontal procedures such as dental implants, scaling & root planing, crown lengthening, regeneration, tissue grafts, and dental laser surgery.

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